Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bowling with Jesus

It's a few weeks past Halloween, but I still find myself disturbed by a very scary, scary movie I caught on TV.

The movie had all the classic elements of a great fright flick: blood, death, and a charismatic cult leader with a voracious appetite for followers and triple-buttered blueberry scones.

The movie is called Jesus Camp.

A documentary that follows the lives of three young children and their brainwashed summer with 300 lbs. Pastor Becky Fischer -- she is, if you'll pardon the malapropism, evil incarne asada.

It takes place in Devil's Lake, North Dakota. Which is somewhat appropriate since Pastor Becky is literally doing Satan's work. Soaking these kids in a pool of intolerance, self-loathing and intellectual bankruptcy. In other words, everything Christ was NOT about.

In the most telling scene of the movie, a bowling excursion at the local lanes, 9-year old Tory is hearkening the Lord to bless her with a good shot.

Tory: Please Jesus, give me a strike. I beseech you Lord, let this ball be an instrument of your ever-lasting love and knock down all the pins.

Sadly, the ball did not comply. It snaked its way through the left side of the rack. Setting up a most difficult spare shot.

Which had me thinking, if Jesus, or Allah, or even G-d did exist, would he have left this poor misguided little girl with the highly unmakeable 4-10 split?


Anonymous said...

That is a seriously cool statue you show there - one wonders if there a predestination-oriented version with JC holding one of the boys down with a hand on the shoulder?

As for the split: 4-10 could be worse. it is, however, a strong indicator of Tory's state of grace and probably should not be ignored. I have to wonder if she made the spare.

Rich Siegel said...

She did not make the spare. In fact, she threw a gutter ball and blamed it on a "heathenous" pro-choicer.

Anonymous said...
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