Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Richy Rich Rant Part 2

Yesterday I went off on Rich people.

I didn't finish my rant.

So today's post is also about rich people.

I suppose another reason why I've been obsessing about the uber-wealthy is because there was a good deal of discussion about the newest ad campaign from E-Trade.

Some colleagues thought it was ill-advised and poorly strategized. Others thought it was funny, memorable and effective. I don't often say this as a confirmed curmudgeon, but I'm in the camp of the latter.

I love this work.

I love this work because it is bold.

It is clear.

And it has a POV.

The last point being the most important because so much advertising work out there doesn't.

I can't tell the Applebees spots from the Chili's spots.

I can't distinguish between Hyatt and Hilton.

I can't figure why I should be driving a Lexus.
And not an Acura.
Or an Infiniti.

But the folks at E-Trade, more specifically their agency Mullen, smartly picked a foil -- douchey rich people who are supremely douchey.

The guy who parks his Lambo in two spots. The woman in First Class who complains the champagne is flat. The President of the United States who promises to work all the time but is on the golf course every weekend working on his short game.

These are universally hated people.

And though none of us want to be like them, we'd all like to have that kind of Fuck You money in our pockets and in our 401K accounts.

I've read the comments of the naysayers who claim the strategy is way off. Or that the inherent messaging is fuzzy and not in a good way.

And this is where I think so many Creative Directors get tied up in their own shorts. Or skirts.

Because as much as we'd like to believe in brand loyalty or higher purpose advertising, I'm with Bob Hoffman, I don't believe it exists. Consumers are not consuming our messages the way we think they are. They don't chew twice. And they're not digging into all our complex back stories. There's just not enough real estate in the average brain for all that.

The takeaway is simpler and more like an elevator pitch.

"Oh E-Trade. They're the company that can help me get rich faster."

If I were a CMO, I'd take that in a heartbeat.

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george tannenbaum said...

Just watched the spots. I'm with you, Rich. Especially liked the one with Zero Mostel singing "If I Were a Rich Man."