Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Staying calm

Please pardon the politically incorrect image above.

It popped up when I was doing a simple Google search for JAPS, not in reference to people living on the other side of the Pacific, but to Jewish American Princesses. More specifically, today I'm writing about the two JAPS living under my roof.

To appreciate the irony of that, you must understand I grew up in New York and went to Syracuse University, widely regarded as the official university of the Jewish American Princess.

There, in her natural environment and surrounded by new BMWs, these over-indulged whiny brats who migrated from the outer reaches of Long Island, would flourish and like an invasive weed take over the entire landscape. Not only could you see them, you could hear them.

"OMG, these dorm rooms are too small."

"Daddy, can you send me more money?"

"This soup is cold. Everything is cold. I should've gone to Miami."

To say these young women got under my skin would be quite the understatement. Particularly since I had to work my way through college. More often than not, in service jobs that required me to cater to their excessive demands.

"I'd be happy to get you some more marshmallows for your hot cocoa. Let me take it to the back of the kitchen and I'll personally melt it on top just for you."

Clearly, the fire that was raging in my belly so many years ago has hardly subsided. And in a cruel twist of fate, the good Lord has blessed me with two daughters of my own. Who, unbeknownst to me,  grew up into little JAPS.

Are my princesses as bad as the ones cited above? Hardly.

They don't drive brand new luxury cars.
They don't adorn themselves with 10 lbs. of 24 karat gold.
And they sure as hell don't treat people as if they were  their own personal indentured servants.

They're simply spoiled. And I've got no one to blame but the person who did the spoiling -- me.

But today their official Winter Break is over. They'll be going to back to their respective schools. And they won't be home, rummaging through my wallet, leaving their dirty dishes in the sink or refusing to pick up the dog shit in the yard for another 10 weeks.

You can file this under Unexplainable or just a daddy's stupid love, but those ten weeks can't go fast enough.

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grandrue said...

I feel you. My two girls are Euro Trash.