Thursday, August 7, 2014

That's what I like

In the rereading of the last 100 or so postings it occurs to me that I spend a good deal of time writing about stuff I don't like.

So much so in fact that I don't like it.

Today, I have decided to turn the tables and commit some digital ink to things I do like.

I hope you won't be disappointed.

I like waking up on Sunday mornings and finding out my wife got out of bed early, drove over to the Bagel Factory in Beverlywood, for the only decent bagels in all of Southern California, and sprung for a small tub of fresh whitefish salad.

I like showing up at the pool for my noon workout and seeing all the regular swimmers are absent. Including the old lady who likes to jump in the water as if she were a dolphin.

In addition to empty pools, I like empty airports, empty bathrooms, and empty restaurants.

I like going to bed with my wife and both daughters, already sleeping, in the house.

I like drinking an ice cold beer on my porch when the sun is setting on a warm Friday evening.

I like having to tell recruiters I can't do their project because I'm already booked somewhere else.

I like getting on the elevator and having a pretty woman half my age throw me an unexpected smile.

I like misinterpreting that smile and thinking to myself, "oh, if I were single and 10 years younger." OK, 20 years younger. And 30 lbs. lighter.

I like getting the Final Jeopardy answer right when my wife, my daughters and the contestants don't.

I like walking into a new agency, being introduced to someone in the Creative Department and having them say, "Hey you're that cranky old dude who writes about all the shit he doesn't like."

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George Tannenbaum said...

great post.

As always, I like Round Seventeen.