Monday, April 7, 2014

All Advertising Week

The Complaint Department at Round Seventeen was working overtime last week.

Many readers took issue with my April Fool's Day prank. Wherein I threatened/promised to pull the plug on this blogfoolery. The tone was not all pleasing.

"How dare you stop writing a complementary daily blog that I enjoy everyday free of charge with no subscription fee and no annoying banners that are so often seen on lesser websites which much greater traffic?"

As if that were not enough, later in the week I penned a lengthy piece regarding the Arab League and their blind theocratic march towards the Dark Ages.

To which one reader, a former boss of mine, responded (verbatim):

"You're much funnier when you write about the fucked up business of advertising."

A passive/aggressive accolade if I've ever heard one. One of the short-tempered interns in the Complaint Department urged me to send that reader a cake.

But instead, I have uncharacteristically decided to take the high ground.

I'm happy to announce this week will be about advertising. And nothing but advertising. I've even enlisted the aid of my wife who will serve as editor, making sure I don't overstep my boundaries, name names or otherwise dig myself a career hole I can't get out of.

This thematic endeavor may seem highly unusual, but in fact it is not. We have done series here before.

Regular readers will remember the Things Jews Don't Do collection.

There was also Celebrities I Have Worked With.

In 2012, there was the Swiftian monthly series People We Need To Kill.

There was even the two-week anthology Why Rich Siegel Is The World's Greatest Lover. Not surprisingly, it didn't last two weeks and turned out to be a bit of an over-promise.

Great, you might be thinking, what advertising legend are you going to cut down to size today?
Are you going to skewer the bloated bureaucracies?
The irrationality of focus groups?
The deification of all things digital?

Come on Rich, lay some brutal honesty and common man wisdom on those greedy penny-pinching, money-hoarding, yacht-buying holding companies.

I'm sorry, but today's posting is done.This was more like a teaser of things to come.

If you don't like it, you're more than welcome to direct any correspondence to our always-attentive and always-responsive R17 Complaint Department.

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