Monday, October 28, 2013

Rich Siegel is a Douchebag

I'm just like you.

I've Googled my own name, Rich Siegel.

And just like you, what I've found isn't always pleasing.

For one thing my name is not as singular as I'd like. For another, one of the bozos sporting my moniker is a Grade A, self-hating Jew who happened to grow up in Spring Valley, NY. That's where I spent a great deal of my youth working at the local Jack in the Box.

His name is Rich Siegel and he's a self described social activist. He's also a "musician". I've taken the liberty of embedding one of his most popular hits:

Not exactly a toe tapper, but I don't think that's what he was going after.

I'd be lying if I said I did know what was going on in the mind of Rich Siegel. I didn't go that far down the rabbit hole.

Frankly, I've got better things to do in my life than to obsess with the misguided opinions and twisted half truths as stated by some clown named Rich Siegel.

I think we all do.

Rich Siegel has committed an enormous amount of time and energy to paint the State of Israel as a military aggressor and as an apartheid nation of war criminals. As if to suggest that the problems of the Middle East could be solved if Israel would just act rationally and sit down with their peace-loving Arab and Islamic neighbors.

I think you can see where I am going with this.

I will concede that Israel has, on occasion, committed some defenseless acts, and what nation entangled in 5 wars hasn't? However it should be noted that by and large those "acts" have been in the service of self-defense. Rich Siegel --the other one-- conveniently ignores the brutal, murderous and cowardly behavior of the neighboring countries that have sworn "to push the Jews into the sea."

One need look no further than today's headlines.

Isn't that lovely?

In the last three years, the Syrian regime of Bashir al Assad has butchered more than 100,000 innocent Syrians. That includes tens of thousands of children. And that death count is way higher than the number of soldiers lost in ALL of the Middle Eastern wars between Israel and the surrounding countries.

Why doesn't Rich Siegel tickle the ivories about that?

In nearby Egypt, thousands have died in two bloody revolutions and left the country split, teetering on a Somalia-like state of failure. Women were literally rounded up and subjected to virginity tests.

That's got to be good for a few songs, right Rich Siegel?

The fact is you could throw a rock anywhere from Northern Africa to the eastern-most tip of Malaysia and hit a bulls-eye of brutality, hate and Neanderthal inhumanity. Just make sure you save enough stones left over to punish the adulterers, homosexuals and blasphemers.

With regards to this conflict, the moral high ground has been ceded a long time ago. It was given up by the Arabs and the independent Palestinian state they were offered and rejected in 1948.

So spare us the ill-informed indignation, Rich Siegel. One day I hope you get around to Googling your name and finding this blog. Cause I'd like nothing more to say to your face...

"Rich Siegel, you're a douchebag."

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Anonymous said...

Rich Siegel vs. Rich Siegel
"the awesome megalomaniac battle to come"

Who will win? Good Rich or Evil Rich.
Can't wait!