Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chemistry 357

I fear I've been overstaying my welcome lately.

The posts over the last month have grown quite wordy. Today will be mercifully short.

Last week was Parent Teacher conference night at the high school. As I was chatting with my oldest daughter's chemistry teacher I noticed she had displayed the latest project all around the room. The students were asked to assemble a large collection of their favorite "things" on a poster that resembled the Periodic Chart of Elements.

There were TV shows, football teams, classic cars, flowers and candy bars. The kind of things you'd expect from 10th graders.

Then there was the chart pictured above. I asked about the student who was fond of Glocks, Tech 9's and AK-47s. The teacher assured me he was a nice young man who was pleasant as can be.

I gritted my teeth and smiled accordingly.

When I came home I told my daughter I wanted her to request a new seating assignment in the class.

Somewhere close to a window.

Or the exit door.

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