Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funny hair to me

Last week my wife and I took a break from the kids to do a little shopping at the mall. I had forgotten how pleasant it was to spend time with her without the nattering antics of two hormonally crazed daughters.

There was no rivalry. No pestering. And no pettiness. There was just myself, my wife, and a pocketful of disposable income ready to be doled out at the Toscani restaurant. If we didn't have to go through the drudgery of buying new socks, t-shirts and pants, the day would have been perfect.

Like most men, I hate shopping for new clothes. Fortunately I work in a business where I am expected to show up for work in the same clothes I would wear to a BBQ or a softball game. Other creatives will lie and tell you they got into advertising to find an avenue for their inner artist. Or to reshape media and the media landscape in order to manifest positive change in the world of commerce and the world at large.

I call Bullshit.
I got into advertising so I wouldn't have to wear a suit.

In any case, after several painful hours inside Banana Republic, I stepped outside for a breath of polyester-free air. And noticed a man in his late thirties pushing a stroller. The man was sporting the world's worst looking toupee. It didn't even look like hair. A four year old could tell something was amiss.

About ten yards behind the man, walked a couple and their friend. They seemed quite jovial and were thoroughly enjoying the 75 degree early March sunshine. One of the women made a comment that elicited hearty laughter from the other two.

And that's when I began to wonder how the man with the bird's nest on his head could actually go out in public and not believe the world was having a good laugh at his expense. Maybe this guy, and others like him (I've seen my fair share of bad fake hair) have the kind of supreme confidence that I just don't possess.

I just don't have the cajones to strap a merkin to my skull. Which is odd, because I don't have the slightest problem with folks who laugh at me for dressing like a 14-year old.


Anonymous said...

Rich, I had to look up "merkin" in the dictionary. Good word!
I enjoy your blog very much.

Robert said...

Me too. Gross. Outstanding research on your part though.