Thursday, July 30, 2009

When do you need it?

There's an article on about a group of mommy bloggers who have come up with a sort of Internet Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

It seems the government is trying to crack down on unethical bloggers who might ...deep taking cash for the surreptitious endorsements of certain products or services. And so the mommies have established a benchmark for ethical blogging.

I applaud them for their pre-emptive action and for their high moral standards.

I'm going 180 degrees in the other direction.
I'll shamelessly plug anything and everything.

In fact, I'm hereby accepting RFP's from the following companies:

Four Seasons
Apple Computer
Mammoth Resort
Sony (Audio and Video)
Asics Running Shoes
Restoration Hardware
Smith and Hawken
LL Bean
Coleman Camping Equipment
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
The Richard Petty Driving School


Mom101 said...

Last year I posted about wanting a sponsor for watching reality TV shows but I have yet to hear from Bravo.

I suppose your tactic is far better - might as well reach for the stars, right?

glasgowdick said...

There's a big difference though. You have thousands of readers. I have four. And one of them is my wife.

Mom101 said...

If only you were alone. I have seen blogs with four readers who don't hesitate to ask for free shit from sponsors. You know, "to promote them." Because they're so FAMOUS and INFLUENTIAL.

One of them asked for a Mac Book this week.

If I was joking I wouldn't be crying on the inside so hard right now.

Shame. Dead.