Monday, July 27, 2009

Must see TV

One of the benefits of being irregularly employed is having more time with my kids.
One of the downfalls of being irregularly employed is enduring more time with my kids.

Last week, my daughter had one of those 24 hour bugs. She spent the better part of that time on the couch, nursing a fever and the remote control. She also spent the better part of the day trying to get me out of my office.

It's not easy building a client's brand and writing award-winning, or even marginal, advertising copy when a cranky 11-year-old keeps shouting, "Daddy, come in here you have to see this."

In most instances, I didn't have to see this.
In fact I'd be happy going the rest of my life never seeing Zach and Cody or iCarly or Degrassi ever again.
But when I heard my daughter laughing uncontrollably, despite her 102 temperature,
I knew this was something I did have to see.

Horrifying? Yes.
But clearly, and happily, the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

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Ellen November said...

I have seen that spot before and have a whole new appreciation for it, since you posted it. Yes, your daughter has great taste. Now did that dog already know that trick? I would have loved to have heard the call from the animal agent to the potential dog owner who landed that gig?