Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"In the can, Tom"

Lately my politics have been swinging back towards the middle. I’m still adamant about fighting Islamo-fascism and curbing government spending, but I’m happy we have a President who can string words together to form a complete sentence.

Nevertheless, I am still fascinated by leftist hypocrisy.

Particularly, the Limo Liberals who want us to curb our consumption, drive eco-friendly cars and sacrifice for the sake of the future, while they maintain multiple houses, fly private jets and show up at red carpet affairs in chauffeur driven hummers. (Not to mention $10,000 dresses and $100,000 blood diamonds.)

Not long ago, I went for my 3 mile run in the neighborhood. As I was jogging down Culver Blvd. I noticed a man walking in front of me. He reached in his pocket, popped some candy in his mouth and then threw the wrapper to the curb.

As I came up on the 60-year old, white haired dude, I slipped off my headphones and admonished the bugger about littering in my neighborhood. You can imagine my surprise and my amusement when I turned and saw that the guilty party was none other than the former Mr. Jane Fonda (aka former 60's radical Tom Hayden.)

I ran a really fast 9:38 second mile pace that day. Fueled by astonishment and a healthy dose of righteous indignation.

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