Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shark Sighting

Thanks to Don Draper and the good folks at A&E, admen (and adwomen) are no longer at the top of the list of most disliked professionals. We've been supplanted by dentists, politicians and perpetually-late cable TV repairmen.

Also gaining a lot of momentum, divorce lawyers.

In fact, having spoken with a few friends who have been through the process, I'm surprised these attorneys do not don bulletproof kevlar vests. Which makes it all the more shocking that this particular barrister would choose to advertise his profession on the back of his $111,000 ZR1 Corvette.

Perhaps the driver of this exquisite sports car is not in any mortal danger, but wouldn't that vanity plate provide ample temptation to the newly single man (now separated from his wife and his money) to walk by the length of the vehicle with a sharp key or ballpoint pen perilously projecting from his pocket?

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