Monday, September 24, 2012

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble

I have spent the better part of the morning trying to come up with a better title for this post, but could not top the name of this classic movie from Samuel L. Bronkowitz.

The idea of using this cheap, tawdry image came to me today not only because it translates into instant web traffic, but because as recently as last week one of my daughters has been entangled with the Saint Monica's Catholic High School Morality Police.

It seems the man in charge of on-campus student behavior -- and I use the word 'man' cautiously because this fellow is all of 26 years old -- has singled out my youngest daughter for wearing her school-mandated polyester skirt a little too high above the knee.

Naturally, being a teenager, she protested.
And being a Siegel, protested with prejudice.

As she explained to my wife and I at dinner, "I don't wear it too high. You should see some of the fat girls. They wear their skirts up to their waists. He never picks on them."

After I cleaned the shrimp jumbalaya that shot from my nose off the table, and stifled any remaining laughter, I did my best to reason with her.

But 15 year old girls have a hard time understanding that sometimes the world can be a very unfair place.

Hell, I work in advertising and see the Peter Principle (the belief that employees will rise to their level of incompetence) everyday and I still have a hard time with the unfair world.

The long and the short of it is, had my daughters been going to a public school I probably would have marched down to the administration building and given this Vice Cop a piece of my mind. But my girls, my Jewish girls, go to a Catholic High School and they have their own rules, archaic as they might be. And we have to abide by them.

The other truth is, if the school is going to impose its rigid concept of modesty on my daughter it means I, a naturally overprotective father, don't have to. And that's ok, because frankly being a dick can be exhausting.

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