Wednesday, September 4, 2019

In Lieu of Money

I know some of you are tired of my book promotions. And I assure they will end soon.


But, as I explained to a former colleague, the business of selling books is not an easy one. Oh sure there was that initial surge that catapulted my book into the Top Ten Political Humor books. That phenomena last about 19 minutes.

And for another 37 minutes my book was the hottest new release in the Civics and Citizenship category. Nudging past Parking Tickets I Have Beaten and A Historical Look at Leaf Burning Ordinances Through the Ages, Volume 1.

It is relentless work.

Made even more daunting by my lack of a publishing house, a PR firm, dwindling Keep Me Out Of A Dirty Nursing Home funds and the apparent apathy of friends and family who have enjoyed the book but cannot be bothered to put up a 5 star review on Amazon.

And so I find myself resorting to the power that has never failed to produce results: The pounding of the pavement.

Last week, evidenced by the picture above, I took it upon myself to visit the offices of Congressman Ted Lieu. If you're non-political and don't recognize the name, you might recognize the face.

Unlike Captain Ouchie Foot, Mr. Lieu served in the Armed Forces and is one of the most eloquent patriotic Congressmen in the House.

I had hoped, perhaps in a fit of delusional grandiosity, that upon receipt of the books, Mr. Lieu would email me immediately and invite me to do live readings at some of his upcoming Town Halls.

That didn't happen. 

Nor is it likely to happen when I visit my district's congresswoman Karen Bass or the local office of our Senators Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein.

But a man, and struggling author, can dream can't he?

Until then, the funny social media pimping will continue. Here's that link.


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