Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Deplorable Rich Siegel

A few weeks ago I got an odd facebook friend request. It was from a fellow in upstate New York who just happens to be named Rich Siegel.

Prior to this I thought I was familiar with some of the other Rich Siegels of this world.

There's a Rich Siegel in Northern California who runs a very successful software company. He can talk bits and bytes and java-scripted HTML flicks flacks until the sentient beings who run the Matrix are flush out of 1' and 0's.

There's another Rich Siegel, who hails from Spring Valley, NY (right next to Suffern, my hometown). He is my age (44) and apparently knows some of the same Rockland County people that I do.

And now there's this new Rich Siegel from Kingston.

I knew nothing about him. But my camping buddy and fellow connoisseur of BBQ meats Paul Sinfield told me he received a friend request from a Paul Sinfield in Liverpool and now they chat regularly and swap hilarious soccer stories.

So, I thought I'd give this Rich Siegel mook a chance. Maybe make a friend. At the very least, maybe I could convince him to buy my new book.

Those thoughts quickly vanished when it turned out New Rich Siegel is quite the Trump apologist. He's also an impressive semantic gymnast, finding endless ways to twist and contort the actions of Captain Ouchie Foot.

By now the dialogue is quite familiar...

"Well, I don't fully support the man, he's rude and crude and often says hateful things. Plus his behavior is childish and not fitting for a president, but I fully endorse the policies he's enacting."

Blah, Blah, blah.

What policies would those be? Kidnapping children from their mothers? Ripping up regulations that protect the environment? Bowing and caving in to dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un? Trashing the press, the FBI and the intel community?

Sorry Rich Siegel, know-nothing, half-hearted neutrality doesn't cut it in 2019.

You're either against this raging, incompetent douchewaffle who is marching this country off to Chapter 11 court or you're for the racism, the misogyny, the grifting, the lying, the kidnapping, the murder, and the daily shitting upon our Constitution and the societal norms that once defined American Exceptionalism.

Put another way, a way I don't often say out loud, "Rich Siegel is kind of a dick."

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