Monday, July 29, 2019

Let's Get Ready to Influence

Creatively speaking, I'm a restless soul.

Perhaps exacerbated by our current political insanity, in which I, and perhaps millions or others, feel unable or powerless to do anything. And so I feel compelled to make with the funny. Or at least what amuses me.

I like to have projects to work on.

Whether it's stringing along a slew of Illuminati recruiters (Nigerian Scammers), making foul mouthed Trump memes that land me in Facebook Jail (only a few more days until my release) or writing letters to all the US GOP Senators (we are moments away from my book's release.)

And so, based on the popularity of my long running (close to 5 years), which seemed to please many, I am embarking on something new -- The IG.

My goal is to return to the endless stream of KJU photos that his publicists regularly provide. Kim is to a camera lens what Captain Ouchie Foot is to a helicopter and a bunch of TV reporters.

Only now, I'm going to turn Kim Jong Un into the world's greatest InstaGram influencer -- The Dear Seeder, if you will.

Why am I doing this? In addition to the reasons outlined above there are some vocational benefits as well.

This will give me an opportunity to master the platform. I have a personal Instagram profile, but not many followers. And frankly it was too random for my own taste. I like the discipline of regular postings. I also like to have a purpose.

By turning Kim -- a man who never fails to make me laugh -- into an Instagram influencer, I am giving myself a platform to combine humor and advertising, a duo that has long since fallen out of fashion in the ad world.

I'm also demonstrating to potential clients and agencies that I'm "hip" to what the kids are putting out these days.

I know this can be hard to believe but there are some folks out there who look at my shiny chrome dome, examine my excessive facial laugh lines and hear my war stories about rubyliths, hot type and the Eisenhower administration, and think, "he might be a little long in the tooth for this assignment." 

Crazy right?

Also, there is the remote, very remote, possibility, that this will somehow make its way back to some of the products being pimped by KJU. That could even result in some project work. 

Or more likely, a cease and desist.

See you on the IG. I'll be pimping at Kimjongpimp.

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