Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Opportunity is knocking

Between grousing about Precedent Shitgibbon and grousing about people who can't see his incompetence, his flagrant disregard for anyone but himself, and his monumental unfitness for the position, I had an idea.

A marketing idea.

Not unusual, as this is what I do for a living. And this is what I have been overcharging clients and agencies for since, well....it's not important when this 44 year old got in the business. Suffice to say, it's not in my nature to give this stuff away. For free. Especially when I'm looking at one more semester of my daughter's college tuition and last year's property taxes are looming.

But, sadly, like so many ideas I've put on the table, it will be ignored.

So I offered it up on social media. I even tweeted it to the Wells Fargo people.

The government is shutdown. And both sides are dug in. Meaning there doesn't look to be any progress in getting the budget -- which had been approved unanimously by the US Senate -- approved. Meaning 800,000 federal workers will be working but won't be wage earning.

So I thought what if a bank, a big bank, a big bank with a big reputation in need of repair, stepped up to the plate and instead of "talking the talk" decided to "walk the walk." How? By advancing paychecks for workers affected by the #TrumpShutdown.

They could sign workers up online. The agreement would state that all monies advanced by Wells Fargo would be reimbursed by the funds forthcoming when the #TrumpShutdown is over.

Several astute colleagues on linkedin told me that USAAA and smaller credits unions are already doing something similar to help people cope with the #TrumpShutdown. And yes, I am purposely writing that as many times as possible. After all he owns the #TrumpShutdown and should be given full credit for the #TrumpShutdown.

To which I say, "so what?"

One doesn't preclude the other.

Maybe it's the old school ad guy in me, but if I were in charge of the Wells Fargo account, I would have the ad agency get TV spots, billboards and distinctively old school full page newspaper ads going immediately.

I would announce in the biggest way possible that Wells Fargo is stepping in to relieve some pain caused by the #TrumpShutdown.

I would even go on social media to let young people, who may be selecting their first bank, that Wells  Fargo is not the same institution that may or may not have sold bogus goods to their parents.

I would put these wheels in motion and seize the brass ring.

Oh, and if the #TrumpShutdown should somehow miraculously resolve itself, I would keep all those materials handy. Because it won't be long before we're facing #TrumpShutdown2.

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