Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I'm on social media.

Someone, I can't remember who, sent me an email complimenting me on my mastery of social media.

They seemed to take special delight in how I had synched this blog to my Facebook account as well as my Linkedin account as well as my Twitter feed as well as my many Tumblr pages. They claimed, perhaps hyperbolically, that I hand spun social media to create an effective online presence bordering on, dare I say it, a Brand.

Not bad for a 44 year old Luddite.

And while I do go to lengths to stay on top of the current technology, particularly in light of our business, there had always been one piece of the social media puzzle that was missing -- Instagram.

Last week, much to my daughter's dismay ("Dad, that's so lame!") I fixed that. I whipped out my iPhone 7 and got on board the Instie train.

I started teaching myself the interface. The filters. And the little secrets to increase my Instie visibility. Naturally there's an agenda behind all this. It goes without saying that clients, big and small, want their advertising partners to be versed in all manner of media. And so I will be.

What I won't be doing however is conducting my Instagram account like the millions of others.

For one thing, I don't plan on following anyone.


Also, there will be no shots of meals, before or after.

No selfies.

No sunsets or beach shots or anything else that might pass for photographic pretension.

Here's a recent entry...

It's just going to be the odd shot I find myself collecting, married to a semi-witty caption, just to keep the brain synapses firing.

I would tell you how to find me on Instagram, but I haven't figured that part out yet.

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