Tuesday, June 5, 2018

He's talking about doody

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time now, even just a week or so, you know it's quite rare for me to go out of my way to shower praise on any single piece of advertising.

Today is one of those days.

Let's face it, most of the shit you see on TV is just that, shit. Which makes for a perfect transition and brings us to the Kellogg's 10 Day All Bran Challenge. Because it's about shit but paradoxically is not shit.

Before I unload this crowning achievement in commercial-making, let me tell you why I found this piece so refreshing.

1. Simplicity -- This spot has simplicity in spades. It's the Royal Flush of simplicity. There's a guy, holding up the product, telling us in uncomplicated, easy-to-digest language why he is so pleased with the All Bran cereal. And it's done with one long take. There might be 6 or 7 cuts, but it's really nothing more than one long sentence broken up into little pieces, and ending with a satisfying crescendo.

2. Demonstration -- This time tested trope has fallen out of style and frankly it's a shame. Years ago, I was lured to go work for Team One Advertising. It didn't take much luring. Their demonstration spots for Lexus were the best in the business. The folks at Kellogg's have given them a run for their money.    And the degree of difficulty was tenfold. It's one thing to do demonstrate the efficacy of gold plated air bag terminals. It's a lot harder and significantly more challenging to spit out a concept that illustrates the constipation-busting power of All Bran.

3. The Sell -- Unlike so many efforts these days that try to push out some type of socially redeeming message or pretend to save the world, the folks at Kellogg's offered up no such phoniness. They didn't ask you to tweet. They didn't ask for any hashtags. And most importantly, they didn't concoct some stupid strategy bent on starting a movement.

Well, maybe just one movement.

By now the anticipation must be killing you, so with no further ado doo...

Round Two: The producer of the spot was kind enough to provide an even better version:



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