Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Ass in Barasso

You've seen the face.

Today, you will meet the man.

Letter #15 in my Thursday Thrashing Series.



Senator John Barasso
307 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear John,

It's safe to say, Senator Barasso, that of all the 52 Republican US Senators (I'm  penning handwritten letters to all of them) you are my favorite.

You are my favorite because you clearly subscribe to the theory that Republican Senators are like children and "should be seen, not heard." 

In fact, during the past two years where I have been following your "career" I have yet to hear you utter one word. In essence, making you the harmless skin tag on the back of Mitch McConnell's flappy neck.

For those unacquainted -- and I suspect that number runs in the millions -- I offer the following:

It can hardly be an accident that every time Mitch spots an open microphone and a TV camera, you are there at his side. 

Stoic. Silent. And dare I say, useless. 

By the way, if you wanted to use that as your next re-election slogan, it's yours for the taking. I suspect that platform would appeal to the mouthbreathers of Wyoming, where you currently serve.

In fact, if your Wikipedia page is correct you started serving Wyomingites in 2002, when you were elected and ran un-opposed. You won again in 2006. And again you were unopposed.

One can only conclude that the good folks in Wyoming are proud of their political apathy and inaction. In which case, They have found their cardboard

Your lack of leadership, inability to move the ball forward and remarkable capacity for standing behind other white men in poorly tailored suits serves to inspire others, others who dream of wielding great power while sucking freely on the teat of taxpayer revenue.

I salute you Senator John Barasso. 

You saw the Peter Principle, and unwilling to accept it at face value, have come to redefine it for generations of Congressional abusers to come. 


Rich Siegel
Culver City

PS. Your Wiki page also mentions that you attended Georgetown University. Hoyas Suck. Go Orange!!!

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