Monday, May 28, 2018

Exit through the Gift Shop

You know me.

I can be pretty damn resourceful.
And persistent.
And relentless to a fault.

Last week, the interwebs were abuzz with word of a commemorative coin honoring Precedent Shitgibbon and Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un for their upcoming (?) historic summit. I had to have one of these beautifully minted coins and so I did what I think anyone would do, I wrote to the White  House Gift Shop.

Please note I purposely misspelled the North Korean leader's name. Why? Because I could and because writing the word Dung to a White House official seemed funny to me. That's why.

You can imagine my shock when Ms. Allen, who does not want her face shown on linkedin -- in fact, none of the employees at the White House Gift Shop want their pictures shown -- responded to my email.

It isn't everyday that I get a response to one of my many emails, texts and letters. In fact, it's never. So I wasn't about to let this go.

Did I say I got a response from the White House? I'm sorry, I meant to say I got multiple responses from the White House.

And of course, since I have nothing better to do with my life than to troll the White House Gift Shop, the most powerful gift shop on the planet, I felt it was time to expand my wish list.

I am still waiting on Rachel's response. In case you're curious, here is the jacket I am referring to. 

And while it may to late to obtain for this upcoming father's day, my birthday is coming in February and there's plenty of time to make my 44th birthday extra special.


UPDATE: Yesterday I received an unexpected late response from Rachel Allen, the Director of the White House Gift Shop. Which as you can imagine, thrilled me to no end. 

I hope to continue these adventures in White House Gift Shop Chain Yanking. Here is my extremely deferential response. If she writes back to me again, my head might explode.

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