Wednesday, May 16, 2018

All Aboard

If you've turned on your TV lately, and I have because the NBA playoffs are in full swing, you might have noticed what I have noticed.

Companies are hopping on the Apology Train. And by that I mean they're spending millions of dollars to hang their heads in shame rather than to sell products.

Of course, I'm not that naive and believe they're doing a little of both.

Uber, for instance has a new CEO. He's all over the airwaves walking back the egregious behavior of his predecessor. And trying to white wash the predatory behavior of some of his homegrown horny drivers.

I'd give you his name but like so many power forwards in today's NBA, he comes from one of those little annoying countries East of the Rhine. I say annoying because their shape defies any geographic sense. I can't remember them. And the residents have names that are impossible to spell as well as pronounce.

Also, why are they always fighting each other other? They're like the Hatfieldroviches and McCoystrowiczes of Southern Europe.

The Wells Fargo people are also on TV saying they're sorry.

Their apology ad is a big, badass production. It's old school advertising. With big budgets, a cinematic look and a huge cast. They can afford it. My understanding is that the 6 largest banks in America each pocketed 600 million in savings from the new Republican tax cuts that were intended to put extra scheckels in the pockets of working class Americans. I guess bankers have blue collared shirts as well so that qualifies them to eat at the big Shitgibbon trough.

And finally, there's a head hanging ad from the good folks at Facebook.  Who are in full apologia-mode for absconding your personal info, selling it to big data companies, who in turn turned it over to Russian intelligence officers so they could steal the last presidential election which promises to ignite World War III and hurl us into an apocalyptic dystopia.

No big deal.

Nothing a good 60 second ad can't fix.

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