Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Statues of Non Liberty

Welcome to Qatar.

Where the air is warm. And dry. And the official religion of the state is imposed upon people with no regard to their freedoms, beliefs or their possible non-binary sexual orientation.

Before I explain this little introduction to Qatar --which I suspect most Americans, including our stable genius of a President could not locate on a map --let's back the train up a bit, shall we?

As you know I spend a good deal of my time (perhaps too much) mocking and chipping away at the current regime of Precedent Shitgibbon. Only because I see him as the gravest danger to our democracy since the Civil War.

And I say that without any hyperbole.

Nevertheless, I do try to understand those with differing opinion. Notice I didn't say those just across the aisle, because if they were just across the aisle I suspect they're seeing exactly what we're seeing.

I'm talking about Shitgibbon diehards that are so to the right of the aisle they wear their red golf caps to bed. And in further deference to their fishbrained Messiah, bring with them McDonald's cheeseburgers and three TV remote controls.

As far as I can tell, the only argument these paint chip eaters have is our current economy. The stock market is at 25, 000, unemployment is down to 4.1% and GDP is up. I could argue that these numbers are a simple continuation of the Obama administration and that he produced more jobs and greater stock market growth, but for the purposes of today's post I'm going to concede.

Lets say, that despite passing no legislation to stimulate growth or move the economy forward, Precedent Shitgibbon gets all the credit in the world for our current economic state.

Newsflash: That is NOT what makes a country great.

America is more than increased productivity. We are not defined by our stock portfolios. And even if we had two chickens in every pot and three Lamborghinis in every garage, that is not why people flock to this country.

They come for the intangibles. The freedom. The opportunity. The modesty, grace and goodwill that is a hallmark of all Americans. Or as the recent poll would indicate at least 67% of us. It's not all about the money.

Let's go back to Qatar for example. The average income for the average Qatari is $129,000 a year. Almost three times what the average American makes. Many Qatari's own two homes. And shit in gold plated toilets. They are the richest nation on the planet.

Does that make them the greatest?

If it does maybe you should consider moving there.

I can't, they don't take Jews.

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