Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I know the last year was dominated by many political posts.

Don't expect that to change anytime soon. With his constant stream of toxic, ignorant, dangerous tweets/comments/remarks, our current fuckknuckle of a president draws us ever closer to a complete apocalyptic meltdown. That's not a hyperbolic statement in the least. His base of rocket scientists, neurosurgeons and carbon-burning, Constitution-burning fascists may not see it, but that doesn't mean the danger is not real.

And so, I'm not prepared to go down without a fight.

Nor am I prepared to stop throwing ideas against the wall with the hope that one will stick. Last year's Call in Sick of Trump Day was a rousing failure.  Drawing only 750 participants to the group. We did sell sell two coffee mugs on cafe express, but I bought those, one for me and for my talented art director, Mr. Jean Robaire.

I have no delusion that the following idea I am about to propose will catch on. But if I may borrow a phrase inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren,

"Nevertheless, he persisted."

Here are the facts. The Republicans control the House and the Senate. Moreover, despite the abundant evidence of incompetency, instability and criminality, the Republicans insist on putting party before country. And when it comes to checks and balances, the Supreme Court has been equally negligent.

So where does "our" power come from? Where it always comes from, money.

At this writing, the Dow Jones stock market is near record high 25,000. Contrary to what Shitgibbon would have you believe, it's been on a bull run for 9 years now. It's due for a correction. In fact the Correction with a capital C, is long overdue.

I suggest, we, the people in the blue states who own equities, ETF's, and mutual funds, SELL.


We should intentionally crash the market and let the putrid steam out of President Gasbag's number one talking point.

You want to send a message to red state miscreants who blindly back this racist blowhard?


You want to goose the Republican Senate who pick pocketed homeowners and the middle class with their wealth redistribution tax scam?


You want to ram a spiked Louisville Slugger up the hairy butt of this fobbing, crusty, earth-vexing canker blossom who dares to call himself our President?


This is something we can do. I'm not asking you to buy some fakakta coffee mug or T-Shirt. And I'm not asking you to call in sick and take a day off of work.

I'm asking you to sell off all, or a good portion of your portfolio, to send the stock market into a Marianna Trench nosedive. And to pad your bank account with some real cash, which you'll need to navigate the coming nuclear winter.

Also, if I had to pick the ideal date for the mass market departure, I'd go with January 20, 2018, the one year anniversary of the inauguration of this boil-brained hugger-mugger.

Mark the date.

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