Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dick's Pics

When you self impose a regimen of near daily posting on Roundseventeen, as I have for the past 9 years, there are going to be days when inspiration is as hard to find as a considerate, environmentally- aware neighbor.

I could write about not having anything to write, as many writers have and will continue to do. Instead, I choose to turn to my trusty iPhone, where there is always a treasure trove of digital photos that need occasional airing.

Here then is your mish mash of Dick's Pics:

From the recent shooting of a Zach Braff show, 
when an art director had to turn my California bungalow house into a row home from Queens, NY.

From up the street on Culver Blvd., 
where an apartment building architect was clearly tripping on acid.

From my backyard, 
where I am working as hard as I can on that new anthem piece for Tire Barn.

From Lone Pine, California.
Not sure if this was an appeal for animal companionship or dinner.

From Fossil Falls on Rt. 395.
Paul's wife shouted, "be careful." But I don't think she meant it.

From University of Colorado.
My brother imitating Buzz Aldrin.

From the Denver Museum,
where the stairwells were more interesting than the art.

OK, there was this.

From my garage,
a rare Albino preying mantis surveying his kingdom.

From the very, very, very, unself-aware Gary V.

From the past,
some juvenile ad work.

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