Wednesday, June 21, 2017

As the world turns

Fair and balanced.

Now that Fox News has abandoned their motto, their slogan, their guiding North Star that manifested itself in every story ever presented, I thought I'd pick it up and start using it.

You see, last week on Facebook I posted a rare picture of my daughter Rachel, who is now in the village of Molo somewhere in Kenya. As part of her UW (University of Washington) Public Health study abroad program, she's helping improve farming technologies, water distribution and preventive medicine to people who would otherwise not have access.

It's Tikun Olam in action.

However, as the father of two daughters I am also obliged to give some airtime to the younger sibling, Abby, who has been known to keep quite the score card.

To that end, I give you a picture of a kippah or yalmuke or for the gentiles out these, Jew Beanie, that my daughter bought for me while she was in Jerusalem.

I'm not big on Judaica.

I don't own a Passover plate handed down from generations of Siegels who smuggled it passed the marauding Cossacks.

I don't have a tallit bag that once belonged to my great, great, great grandfather, Schmuley, Hyman or Itzhak.

And the menorah we use for Chanukah came to us from the local Pick & Save.

I'm just not religious enough (at all, actually) to appoint any value to any of that stuff. Particularly in light of what an angry god has bestowed upon us: suicide bombings, mass shootings, the 405 Freeway and the reeky, villainous clotpole I like to call Precedent Shitgibbon.

But this, this is something different.

Not only because I like the way the knitted wool covers my noggin and has a warming feel to my cueball head. But because my globetrotting daughter thought enough to bring me back something from the Motherland.

In the fair and balanced spirit, she also brought my wife something beautiful from Athens.

A long, flowing silk scarf featuring authentic Greek mosaic patterns. The yarmulke did not have a label on it.

The scarf did.

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