Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Better Empower and Share

If you're like me you've noticed there's a lot of Better in the air. Not so much in our lives. Precedent Shitgibbon and his band of clueless amateurs threaten to pull the plug on civilization on a daily, almost, hourly basis. So things aren't actually Better.

But we're definitely hearing a lot more Better. And I choose to capitalize the word because there's a distinctive gestalt about it, particularly from a marketing point of view.

It's only May and I've seen campaigns for Better cars, Better laundry detergents, Better burgers, even Better butter.

It's as if planners and strategists all came out of the same focus groups and meetings and rushed to their keyboards because they had, through grit, rigor and determination, uncovered the holy grail of 2017 -- Better.

And I'm guilty party to it. If you want commercials, campaigns or brand activation units about Better, I'm your man. You better believe that.

Just as I was your man in 2016 when the collective gestalt was all about Empowering.

There were Empowering Toaster Ovens.

Empowering Toothpastes.

Empowering SUV's.

Even Empowering Mosquito Repellents.

Hell, it was pretty clear that in 2016 people felt they had lost all control over their lives and by golly this nation's makers of garden hoses, post-it notes and microwavable breakfasts were going to fix all that and Empower the people.

But before there was Better, and before there was Empowering, there was Sharing.

In 2015, we Shared so much.

Who could forget all those Shareable moments when we gathered round the Tostitos Scoopable Chips and shared A Whole Lot of Awesome™ and our favorite Tostitos Dips, including Roasted Garlic, Spinach and Salsa Con Queso.

I may not remember who was playing in the NFC Conference Championship Game that year, but the memory of being with friends and family and other Tostitos Brand Chip Lovers will be with me for a lifetime and probably one I Share on my deathbed.

Who knows what kind of thoughtfuckery planners have in store for next year.

One thing is for sure, I'll be there with my keyboard, my dark roasted coffee and my exorbitant day rate to pimp the hell out of that shit.

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