Thursday, March 9, 2017


It's Thursday.

Actually, it's Saturday morning, as I write all these blog postings in advance, but for the purposes of today's piece, let's just say it's Thursday.

And to be frank, I'm all written out.

I'll tell you why, though I suspect you won't want to hear it. I've started writing another book. A novel. Nothing to do with advertising. Or African scammers. Or even anything meaningful. But, a novel nonetheless. And as I am finding out, it takes a lot of discipline.

And a lot of words on the page.

I've committed myself to knock out 500 words, at the very least, every day until this mountain of a project is complete.

Consequently I might come up a little short by the end of the week. Or the beginning of the following week. You do the math. However, to maintain my prodigious record of Monday thru Thursday postings for the past 8 years, I give you a potpourri of photos found on my iPhone.

Make of them what you will.

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