Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Land Ahoy

Hear that?

That's opportunity knocking.

Last week, the family and I took a road trip up north to Rohnert Park. To visit my sister-in-law. I love it up there. Northern California suits me.

For one thing there is weather, I miss weather.

There are also great, smart people. I had a chance to have a beer with a friend and ex-boss in Healdsburg, a town with enough charm for two towns.

And there is open space, damn I miss open space.

One day, we hiked up Sonoma Mountain. A moderate hike. But strenuous enough to get my daughters going...

"Are we there yet? Can we turn around?"

God, I love torturing them.

In any case, I was smitten by the landscape. So much so that upon my return home I did a little internet searching and found an amazing piece of property for sale. It sits on Lichau Road and has a sweeping view of the valley below. As you can see from the photo, it also has a pond. And a creek. And, according to the description, 90 plantable acres, most likely for a vineyard.

The property itself is 394 acres!!! That's huge. I didn't go to surveying school, but I'm pretty sure that's bigger than the state of Delaware.

There is a house on the property, but they haven't shown any pictures of it on the site. Which leads me to believe it's an eyesore or a total pig sty. But my daughters were just home for a month so that doesn't phase me in the least.

However, and I'll say this again, it's 394 acres of land in Sonoma County. They're not making any more of that stuff.

Here's the deal, the price tag is $3 million. That's way too rich for my blood. It may be too rich for yours as well. But that's where the out-of-the-cubicle-farm thinking comes in.

You see I know many of the people reading this blog are ad folks. Not the new Kool Aid drinking, let's stay all night and make these banners great ad folks. I'm talking to you seasoned vets who are one status meeting away from a disgruntled employee shooting rampage.

If a group of us were to pool some money together this rambling estate could be ours. This could be the elusive Exit Plan. With a fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease we could fix up the house. And with a little more elbow grease and some intense Googling we could learn how to plant grapes and bottle wine. Hell, if Lucy and Ethel could do it certainly, some over-educated West Coast elitists could.

Who is with me? Who wants out?

I even have the perfect name for our new wine...

 Chateau Voe Cue.


Stan said...

"one status meeting away from a disgruntled employee shooting rampage." HAHAHA, spit up coffee on my shirt. I grew up near there.....I humbly submit a "Ad-Stead" there, offer soon to be kool-aid drinkers a curiculum that teaches them both the hard politik and how to make good sauce....all while they cultivate your grapes and pay the mortgage. I can help "monitor" the student cultivation process in a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses and a black cowboy hat...

Maggie Powers said...

I love this idea. How many people would be needed? (Or tolerable?!) BTW hi Rich.