Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hello, is this Jake from State Farm?

I was driving to a client meeting in Venice the other day and passed this.

I didn't know what to make of it at first.

Did the guy have a white, male green jaguar?
And he was selling to exotic pet owners?
Hit me up at 310-923-3008?

I had seen spotted jaguars and black jaguars, but never a white male green jaguar.

I pulled a bat turn and drove back for a closer examination.

That's when I noticed the remains of the left rear quarter panel. This poor guy's Honda got smashed in by a hit and run driver in a green Jaguar.

It was all starting to make sense to me. Except for the man's method of tracking down the culprit. Not sure he's gonna get a return on his plywood investment.

However, the Honda owner should take some consolation. If the errant driver caused this much damage to the beat up Honda, imagine the bondo, aluminum sheathing, and premium British paint it's going to take to repair the overpriced Jag.

Unless the guy was driving a Jaguar X-Type (as I did for too many years.)

Those things are a piece of shit.

Or as the Brits would say, shiite.

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