Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The work ethic at work

Two weeks ago, I decided to change the face of RoundSeventeen.

Despite the warnings of my friend and fellow blogger Jeff, I signed up for Google's AdSense program and began allowing various advertisers to hawk their wares on my modest little blog.

In the interest of making the most money possible, I didn't just dip my toe in the water, I went full bore and let the good guys at Google plaster my page with ads (insert bukake joke here.)

Since signing up I've seen the rotation of ads include everything from Norm Reeves Honda Superstore to some arcane evangelical school in the heart of Georgia looking for future seminaries.

Not sure they're gonna find any future missionaries here at R17.

In any case, the program is up and running. And this little media channel that I've built all on my own, without any VC capital and without any regard for how it might be destroying my once promising career as a copywriter, is already generating revenue.

Are you wondering how much money the inter web is putting in my pocket?

Of course you are.

And politicians, particularly those in the new administration should take heed as well. Because frankly, despite the promises of President Shitgibbon, those coal mining jobs and those flange manufacturing jobs and all those Rust Belt jobs are simply not coming back.

But there are big bucks to be had in the job of blogging.

I just checked the Earnings stat page. And after all the page views and click throughs and percentages have been tallied, in just two weeks time, I've amassed...are you ready?...68 cents.

I know 2016 has not been kind to us in many ways, with the election debacle, the many celebrity deaths and the recent stumble of the Washington Huskies football team, but the good Lord hath provided.

My Exit Plan is in place.

This Thanksgiving, I truly have something to be thankful for.

Have a great holiday.