Thursday, November 10, 2016

Eva Braun's Ugly Niece

It's two days after the election. But since I'm writing this post in advance on Saturday November 5th, I have no idea who the President will be.

I know who it won't be -- Uncle Bernie Sanders.

I stated on this blog months ago that America was not ready for a Jewish President, even an agnostic one like Bernie. I believed that then. And in light of the bigotry and racism we've seen in this year's campaign, I believe it even more now.

"Oh, but we've had a black President, there might even be a woman President, surely you can't think America is not ready for a Jewish President?"

Permit me to introduce you to Lana Lokteff, a self-styled white knight and protector of Aryan culture despite the fact that she is of Russian descent and clearly not a naturally born blonde.

Lana, or as I refer to her, Eva Braun's ugly niece, and her equally hair challenged co-host Henrik (perhaps the missing link primate scientists have been searching for) host a lovely internet based show called Red Ice Radio.

Here, free from FTC regulation, they spout their virulent anti-semitism to thousands of followers. See if you can get thru two minutes....

In this one particular clip, they mock Israeli doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to save the lives of Syrian refugees who have been cast onto the open waters by a different group of Jew haters.

How anyone can find fault with human beings helping other human beings and preventing them from drowning, defies all manner of logic.

But this ugly Nazi gasbag and her shit-for-brains boyfriend don't stop there. You see, according to these rocket scientists, the reason the Jooos are directing the non-swimming Syrian refugees safely to the shore is to further the Islamic invasion of Europe.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Israel has its hands full with 57 Muslim countries around the world, all seemingly bent on its delegitimization and ultimate destruction. How is it in their best interest to advance the cause of an Islamic takeover of Europe?

Clearly, on this and so many other issues, Lana hasn't thought this through.

Sorry Eva Braun, your Russian niece is not only ugly and hateful, she's 50 Nordic-adjacent shades of stupid.

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