Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Week's Top Pix

I have always wondered how good photographers are able to snap pictures worth looking at. How hard can it be? You point the camera and click the button. It's something any idiot can do.

Except this idiot.

I had an uncle, or a cousin, my father was never good with keeping track of family, who was a professional photographer. He must have been good. He had a house on Long Island. And he drove a Cadillac.

In those simpler times you could always tell who was successful. They drove Cadillacs. Either they were very good at their job. Or they were mobbed up.

My oldest daughter has a good eye for photography. Her art teachers always told us she was uniquely talented in this arena. But she has decided to forego that interest in Photography for the more lucrative field of Public Health Administration.

In any case, the writing muscle needs a little R&R today, so I've decided to share some photos I found on my iPhone.

Spotted at a welding shop on Jefferson Blvd. on my near daily walks to the Baldwin Hills Overlook.

 Taken at the Baldwin Hills Overlook.

Last week we hiked Fryman Canyon, where an old VW Thing had fallen over the crest and been buried in the ground. I convinced my reluctant wife to sit in the car.

For no apparent reason.

And finally, to end on a laugh...

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