Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Senseless in Seattle

Sent to me by my daughter, from the campus of the University of Washington.

Apparently the Students for Justice in Palestine or the Popular People for the Liberation of Palestine or the PLPF or PPFPL (obscure Life of Brian reference) have adorned one of the campus quads with fake tombstones to commemorate the loss of life in the resistance.

What these ill-informed students fail to realize, or more accurately choose to ignore, is that the loss of life in Gaza or on the West Bank is largely due to Palestinian provocation.

Had these innocent "freedom fighters", walking through the streets of Jerusalem or Haifa, not whipped out a 10 inch kitchen knife and tried to stab an Israeli on his or her way to work or the bakery or the dry cleaners, they would still be breathing fresh air.

Similarly, had the tunnel-builders in Gaza not fired off homemade rockets or rockets smuggled in from Iran and launched them across a sovereign border, they too would be eating falafels and not pushing up daisies in some hardscrabble parking lot which by the way with a little work and elbow grease could be an incredible oceanfront resort on the Mediterranean Sea. Or a school. Or a hospital.

Of course that's never been the Palestinian way.

They prefer victimhood to livelihood.

Or as one Hamas leader famously put it,

"We love death more than you love life." 

If that statement is to be believed, shouldn't my daughter's imbecilic classmates at the University of Washington be thanking the State of Israel?

Were they to open their eyes and look at the entire region they'd notice equal rights, safety and security are found exclusively in the Jewish state, where women --showing their face no less-- drive cars, gay people are not thrown from rooftops and Arabs openly serve in the Knesset, that's the Israeli parliament for those of you not up on the region.

Most perplexing however, is the deafening silence from these "students" with regards to the 300,000+ people gassed, bombed and murdered just a few hundred miles to the north in neighboring Syria.

And the 5 million refugees displaced from their homes, at the hands of their fellow Arabs, now pouring into Europe, not Turkey, Lebanon, or Egypt.

If they were to construct a graveyard marking those figurative and literal victims, they'd need considerably more empty space than what they found on the campus at UDUB.

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