Monday, April 18, 2016

A Monday Burn

I know I said I would refrain from any political posts here on RoundSeventeen, and if you've noticed the incredible spate of recent articles on advertising, by and large I have.

But things are heating up. And occasionally a candidate -- from either party by the way -- will say or do something that demands my immediate attention.

I know a great many of my colleagues are not fond of the Republican candidates. Guess what? Neither am I. A bunch of bombastic blowhards with a penchant for bullying and an unexplainable compulsion to thump the Bible on every issue.

I also know a great many of my colleagues find it hard to swallow the incredible liberties these GOP candidates take with the truth. Not long ago, the media had a field day when the orange-haired One claimed tens of thousands of Muslims in this country were celebrating in the streets on the day of 9/11.

They weren't. And responsible journalists rightly held his feet to the fire.

However, and this is addressed to my left leaning friends as well as the bozos with press passes, where's the outrage regarding Bernie Sander's distortion of the truth?

Just last week, the silver haired Senator claimed that Israel killed 10,000 innocent people in Gaza and showed a blatant disproportionate response to the daily rocket attacks coming from the Strip.

This, we know, is not true. It's not even close to true.

The most anti-Israel groups from the UN put the number of casualties at close to one tenth that number. Moreover, they point out that many of those were a result of Hamas using civilians as human shields. Bernie might have glossed over that while wildly gesturing with his hands or working himself into a lather with his apparent Jewish self-loathing.

Might I also point out, that nobody in Gaza would have died had the Neanderthals of Hamas not launched rocket attacks on another sovereign nation. None. Not one.

Let's examine Bernie's faulty fuzzy logic even further.

Where did this notion of "disproportionate" military response come from? Call me crazy, or a paranoid Jew, but I have only heard it applied to the nation of Israel.

For instance, when ISIS burned a Jordanian soldier alive, in another one of its brutal displays of inhumanity, the Jordanians responded with three days of airstrikes, 56 in total. With the promise of many more.

Similarly, after the savage attacks in Paris, the French government unleashed its fury on targets in Syria, more than 2000 miles from French territory.

They're not alone. The Russians, the Turks, and the US government have all responded similarly in the past. I don't remember hearing a peep from the frothy Vermont Senator. Not a peep.

Perhaps you'd like to engage in some semantic gymnastics and point out that those were attacks from ISIS. While the rockets were launched by Hamas.

In which case I would respond by saying if you can't see that ISIS is the same as Hamas is the same as Boko Haram is the same as Al Qeada is the same as Al Nusra is the same as the Taliban is the same as Lashkar-e-Taiba is the same as Hezbollah, well then you have not been paying attention.

And neither has Bernie.

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Edward Finley said...

Candidates. All preparation and no H. Truly an appropriate attachment.

If ISIS finds out they can go to women's prison by changing their gender identity they'll quit blowing themselves up for 70 virgins and settle for whatever sexually depraved vixens they can line up in Florence McClure Correctional. Talk about doing hard time.

Actually, Earth is probably a giant reality show for the cosmos and I'm certain we are way up there in the ratings. Vulcan was probably cancelled after their first season. Logic is boring. I think Darth Vader blew up Tatooine during sweeps week if memory serves. He's so calculating. I know I was glued to the screen.

I'm waiting for ISIS to plagiarize Lowes in social media. "ISIS: Let's Detonate Something Together." Once they catch on they'll all resort to re-branding. I always thought "Boko Haram" had a nice ring to it. "Guts, Glory, Boko Haram." "The New Harley Davidson Boko Haram." Seems everything here is getting named after national park icons these days. Harley's "Rushmore" to Apple's "El Capitan." Oh, and "Subarus are made of love." So don't take one into battle.

Since the unthinkable becomes the thinkable, maybe in 2525 GSP will be pitching to Al-Qaeda some campaign to soften their image. Black will be the new Black. The price of a Hebab will skyrocket. Edward Bernays would be proud.

At least they can't play Scrabble over there. All the "Q'" tiles have a little "U" on them. Still when I see "Qatar" on the map I feel alphabetically violated.