Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello 1928

I probably shouldn't do this, because the moment someone discovers something cool or interesting in LA and then opens their mouth about it, crowds of hipster douchebags descend like a swarm of man-bun-sporting cicadas after a 17 year latte-free hibernation.

Not that the under 30 crowd is reading this blog.
Or paying any attention to these 1500 posts of well-hewn grouchy wisdom.

A few weeks ago, my older friend Paul -- who just turned 50 -- called us up on Saturday night inquiring about our plans. Deb and I were thinking of doing some BMX'ing or slipping into our leather onesies and cruising around Hollywood Blvd. for some hot mid-life swinger action.

Paul had something more sedate in mind.

"Let's mosey on over the El Segundo Old Town Music Hall. They're showing Charlie Chaplin's City Lights and there's a sing-a-long on an old timey pipe organ before the show. It's the bee's knees."

He added that we could grab a bite to eat across the street at the Richmond Restaurant. I asked if they'd be willing to puree my food. And Paul said, "Not if you ask in that tone of voice, mister."

By now I think you can surmise how the evening transpired.

What might surprise you is how much fun we had.

There was big-ass, homemade food at the Richmond, which is actually a bar & grill.

We walked in, grabbed a table without waiting, and enjoyed personal attention from our server/waitress/bartender/fan of the Music Hall. Each of our entrees was less than 8 bucks and we didn't have to suffer through some bullshit pre-amble about artisanally-grown basil or triple brewed IPAs. And they had onion rings.

That's two automatic stars in my Yelp review.

Afterwards, we walked across the street and gawked at the surroundings. When the pipe organ kicked in and the alcohol had produced its lubricating effect, we found ourselves singing along with the crowd to the rhythms of Red River Valley.

This was followed by the charms of Charlie Chaplin. The silent movie was 91 minutes long but it only felt like 191 minutes.

A fun night was had by all. And we plan on going back in the time machine and doing it again.

I hope I won't see you there.

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