Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Are you available?

Not long ago, a Creative Services Manager told me something in confidence.

She said how much more pleasant her job would be if other freelancers replied as quickly to her emails as I did.

Naturally, this came as quite a shock. Because food doesn't get on my table, beer doesn't get in my fridge and bursars from the University of Colorado and Washington don't get their pound of my flesh, unless I respond as quickly as possible to ANY inquiry for freelance work.

I like to think that my particular brand of copywriting was what separated me from my colleagues, but now I'm discovering the reason I stay busy all the time has more to do with my obsessive punctuality and responsible email etiquette.

Who cares?
This movie isn't ending with me in a dirty nursing home.
I'll take work anyway and anywhere I can get it.

On that note I recently enjoyed an experience that may be familiar to many freelancers. Or, maybe not.

I had just finished an assignment for an out of town ad agency -- the best kind of assignment, a solo writing gig that entailed a generous day rate, my Herman Miller chair, the freedom of a midday swim followed by a sandwich from the increasingly-popular Jackson Market which is an easy dog walk away from my house.

I wasn't booked for my next gig, but that was about to change. Quickly. Because on the same day, on the same morning, I fielded two questions regarding my availability.


It was as if I were the prettiest girl in high school fending off woo from both the football team quarterback AND the basketball team high scoring power forward.

I responded "yes" to both requests and transmitted my replies as fast as the confabulated flik-flaks of the Internet could deliver them. And then, from the comfort of my Adidas nylon sweatpants, I sat back and imagined the frenzied chatter of both resource management teams.

"We gotta get Siegel in here."

" I don't care about his 'get-home-before-Jeopardy' work policy."

"Tell him we'll double what the other agency is willing to pay."

Of course, that's not exactly how it all played out. As in all cases I simply said 'yes' to the first caller who went beyond the availability question and put a solid booking on the table.

But, a man can dream can't he?

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