Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And the Gold goes to....

I've often said, "there's nothing more amusing than White Trash."

To that end, my buddy Greg, who hails from the Tennessee, always volunteers to indulge my fascination by sending me regular news clippings ripped from the pages of local Appalachian "newspapers."

Greg, an alumni of Cocke County High School, (Go Cockes, Go!), hand selects the very best material. However, despite reaching new heights in hillbilly ineptitude, these homegrown tales pale in comparison to the stories coming from Russia and the Caucasus Mountains, birthplace of the Caucasians -- the original White Trash.

And so, because I am short on time and long on work responsibilities this week, and because these juicy photos keep showing up in my Facebook memories, I am revisiting the photojournalistic journey we took two years ago to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Remember Olga?

Feb 21, 2014, Sochi, Russia -- Barista at local Starbucks prepares for the morning crowds.

Feb. 24, 2014, Sochi, Russia -- Construction workers put the finishing touches on the newly-built Sochi Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Feb. 25, 2104, Sochi, Russia -- With a little Soviet-style ingenuity, Russian Curling Team arrives at competition just in time. 

Feb. 26, 2104, Sochi, Russia -- Finnish Speed Skater tells upset hotel manager, "I tried jiggling the knob."

Feb. 26, 2014 Sochi, Russia -- Polish Hockey team departs from Moscow after mechanical issues are resolved.

Feb. 28, 2014 Sochi, Russia -- Homeowners next to Olympic Biathlon course plan lawsuits.

I know the Olympics Committee will soon be deciding on the location of the next venue, but for my money, I wish they'd dispense with all the back room shenanigans, the graft and the international geopolitics and make Mother Russia the permanent home of the Olympics. Winter, Summer or otherwise.

"Cut me off a heaping helping of that Vladimir Lenin birthday cake."

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