Thursday, November 19, 2015

The XB14 is here

I'm absolutely positive that today's news will have no effect on your life.


But it has a 100% chance of changing mine.

After living in the same Culver City house for 22 years, raising two kids, and going through a complete remodel, including the addition of a second story, we are finally getting air conditioning.

Not just one air conditioner mind you, but two. Because my house has two furnaces. And after doing a lot of research and listening the pitches from the overly enthusiastic A/C salesman, I discovered I need to attach a unit to each furnace.

Thus doubling my cost.
Why would I expect anything less?
If you need any reminders this chart showing my double elevator adjacent room at a business hotel speaks volumes.

But I'm not here to gripe.
Money be damned.

The Siegels are now entering the 21st century and ready to do battle with the global warming induced soaring temperatures.

Yes, that means we'll be impacting the planet with a larger carbon footprint.

But, it also means I'll be in a better mood so I won't have to drink as much alcohol.

We'll have to close the windows, so I won't have to listen to the neighbor's dogs.

And most importantly, I'll be schvitzing less. And less schvitzing means I'll be changing my underwear and T-shirts less often. So we'll be doing less loads of laundry. Making my increased BTU consumption and that whole carbon thing, a wash.

It's getting warm in here, think I'll turn it up to Eleven.

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Jason Elm said...

I'm pretty sure you won't drink less.

Welcome to the "zones."