Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear France

Dear France, Welcome to Israel.

This has been a particularly bloody year in the land of Bordeaux, Voltaire and Brigit Bardot.

It was only last January that several Islamic Terrorists…oh wait, I'm not supposed to assign them any label for fear of offending 1.6 billion of their co-religionists…let's just call them Zealous Cartoon Haters, ambushed the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

They killed a dozen people there.
Over cartoons!

And because they still had ammo in their automatic rifles, stopped by a kosher market to kill 4 Jews. Again, nothing to do with religion. Because as history has taught us, killing Jews doesn't require much in the way of justification anyway.

But this is my larger point. History hasn't taught us.


At all.

Because before this current wave of Allah-Akbar shouting murderous insanity, before the Twitter-inspired Arab Spring, and before American soldiers ever set foot in Iraq, the Israelis have seen it, lived it and buried their innocent children the same way the French will be doing this week.

Maybe you don't remember, but I do.

The PLO. Black September. Fatah. PFLP. Abu-Nidal. All, predecessors of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

I remember El Al jets being hijacked. I remember bombings at weddings, pizza parlors and kindergartens in Tel Aviv and Haifa. I remember 11 Israeli athletes being butchered on the tarmac during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Weightlifters, Wrestlers and Gymnasts, murdered in cold blood, while the world celebrated the spirit of brotherhood and our common humanity.

The Israelis are the kvetching canary in the coal mine. They tried to warn us then. Just as they are trying to warn us now.

"This is not going away. This cannot be ignored. This is your problem as well as ours."

I have no idea what the answers might be. Nor it seems to do our leaders-- French, Russian, American or otherwise. But I do know the problem cannot be addressed if the problem is not even properly identified.

It is about ISLAMIC Terrorism -- Koran-dictated, holy violent war waged against kuffar apostates and infidels for the establishment of a global Caliphate, under Sharia law, for the grace and glory of Allah, PBUH.

If we cannot get that through our thick, pollyanna, granola-crunching politically correct skulls, then the carnage that has bloodied the des rues of Paris will soon stain the boulevards and avenues of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Dear America, Welcome to France.


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Dennis Lim said...

This makes me understand why it's not xenophobic for some Rich. Really well said. I must admit it makes me consider it from a different angle. In that way this essay is effective. Or am I just ignorant?