Monday, October 26, 2015

Make it stop

You probably heard, but last month I finally published my new book.

This month, I've been doing all I can (and probably too much, at least according to my old boss Bob Kuperman) to promote the book. Yes, there are millions of dollars to be made in book publishing but only by those who are willing to go out there and get it.

OK, maybe that's not a true statement.

But I am flying solo on this -- that is, I don't have the marketing firepower of a Random House or Penguin Books behind my sails -- so I've taken to social media. You know me, I've always been an evangelist for social media advertising since the first catheter banner ad graced my AOL landing page.

As I've said countless times on this blog, "TV, Print and Outdoor is dead. If you want to sell a car, or a beer or even build a billion dollar brand, you've got get hold of some minimum wage college graduates who can whip up some Vines, Live Tweets and Brand Engagement Units. Pronto."

It seems I've gone off on a sarcastic tangent.

The point is, lately I've been on FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin, with a bevy of fresh homemade ads for my book using nothing but celebrity snapshots, hand held photos of myself holding the book in a mirror, and the most rudimentary, shaky photoshopping skills -- the kind you might expect from someone with Lou Gehrig's Disease.  In a rowboat. Navigating 20 foot swells. In a typhoon on the South Pacific.

That and a fair dose of snarky wit.

A friend and colleague suggested the ads are more fun than the book. A compliment, yes. But the ads take me 10 minutes to turn around. The book took me more than three years.

In any case, I did what any fully-integrated, digital-savvy copywriter with too much free time on his hands would do -- I turned it into a Tumblr.

There you have it…

This particular blog piece,
is a promo,
for the website,
that is an aggregation of the advertising,
done for a book,
that details the painful making of advertising.

It doesn't get any more meta than that.

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