Thursday, October 29, 2015

Help Wanted

Pictured above, Explorer Ernest Shackleton and two of his loyal sled dogs.

Later to be known as Breakfast and Dinner.

If you've never read about the adventures of Mr. Shackleton, you owe it to yourselves to do so. I won't give away the details of his riveting story, but this was the famous newspaper ad he took out before leaving the warm shores of Argentina for the icy terrain of Antarctica.

In 2015 we no longer place Help Wanted ads in newspapers. We turn to Social Media.

In that spirit I am turning to you, RoundSeventeen readers.

Deluded by the saccharine sweet reviews of friends and family, I am hoping to advance my literary adventures with the assistance of an official Literary Agent. (BTW, this is serious and I welcome any assistance.)

Normally, I might take the time to exercise my recently-acquired photoshopping skills and mimic the style of Shackleton's infamous ad.

But it's the end of the week and frankly I'm tired of giving this stuff away for free.


for uncompensated journey of rejection, 
implacable posturing, endless demands and 
non-stop need for artistic validation.

Rich Siegel 

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