Wednesday, October 14, 2015

AAAA says "Eh-Eh."

This is troubling.

First my new book, Round Seventeen & 1/2 rankled the finer sensibilities of our British cousins in the Planning Department. And now it seems the firestorm has struck our own shores.

Following the successful conclusion of Advertising Week in New York City last week, wherein down-and-out street people were paid $9.72 an hour to prance around in hot, sweaty furry costumes…

… Nancy Hill, CEO of the AAAA, addressed the huddled masses with words of warning.

I would share the contents of her fiery anti-Rich Siegel speech but there might be small children in the room.

Fortunately, I have a mole inside the organization who forwarded me this scathing letter from Ms. Hill.

What have I done to deserve such scorn?

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