Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Je Suis Falling Man

Last week, we commemorated the attacks of 9/11. I made the conscious choice to post this horrifying image on my Facebook page.

It got a reaction. I knew it would.

Many saw it for what it was, a stark, painful reminder of the hopelessness and helplessness we came face to face with that day.

Others, who are entitled to their opinion, took me to task for what they saw as exploitative provocation. Perhaps they're right. But had they seen Friday's night's episode of the Bill Maher show, they might agree that we are in dire need of a little provocation.

Because, like it or not, the threat we unknowingly faced on 9/10/01 is exponentially greater today.

The Al Qaeda boys have been supplanted by ISIS, who don't operate in secret cells or train in hidden well-camoflouged camps.

They have their own country, a Caliphate no less. If you're not familiar with the term, I suggest you look it up. A Caliphate doesn't abide by international laws of sovereignty. A Caliphate is Manifest Destiny in its most evil form. There is only one border it recognizes, the line that separates man from Allah.

Moreover, the ISIS push to conquer land in Iraq and in Syria has displaced millions of moderate Muslims. Creating the worst refugee problem since World War II.

And where are these refugees going?  Not to nearby Saudi Arabia (one of the wealthiest countries on the planet) or Kuwait or Qatar. The Gulf States, within a bus ride from Syria, predominately Sunni Muslim and Arabic speaking, have taken in NONE of the refugees. None.

How does this jive with the notion of the Ummah (look it up) and the idea of Muslim brotherhood?

The refugees are going to Europe. And guess who wants them to go to Europe? The same people who dream of an all encompassing Caliphate and who created the name EurAbia. It's part and parcel of al hijrah, another term you should be familiar with.

Frankly, I don't know if the extreme Islamists could be any clearer with their intentions.

They said they would take down the World Trade Center, they did.

They said they will conquer Europe, by any means possible, they are.

And they said they will destroy Israel, as well as the Great Satan (the US) and institute Sharia law and all its wonderful precepts of dhimmitude (look that up too). Why would we not take them at their word?

I'm afraid the picture of a solitary man falling to his death is not just a picture of a solitary man falling to his death.

In light of our willingness to bury our collective heads in the sand and ignore the threat, it is a menacing metaphor for the future of western civilization.

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Jared Mazzaschi said...

It is pretty messed up none of the other middle eastern countries are accepting refugees (particularly Saudi Arabia). Is that because they aren't allowing them or because the refugees don't want to go there?

On a separate note falling man is one of the most provocative images we as a culture possess. It's an image we wouldn't have thought to conjure on September 10th and hence it is very powerful. I don't like to see it used because I think the private tragedy of its subject - the man who died, his mental anguish in his last moments and his family's sorrow - is glossed over and easily pushed aside in one's head by all the attendant political/cultural baggage that's been attached to the image. One second after that photo was taken the dude and all that he was - father, son, brother, husband (I don't know who he was or what his roles were) - was dead.