Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Pimpin'

Oh no, you couldn't have possibly thought you'd escape with one or two Facebook posts about my new book and never hear another peep about it?

Besides, just weeks ago, right here, on this very blog, I warned you about the oncoming avalanche of self promotion.

Let's face it, the last time I published a book, Tuesdays with Mantu (if you want to call it that a book) was way back in 2005, when I was a naive Nigerian-goating 34 year old.

Today, I am wiser (debatable) and much savvier to ways of social media (also debatable.)

Also, it seems I might have left you with the mistaken notion that the book, Round Seventeen & 1/2 -- a stupid title that doesn't appear very easily on Google -- is merely a collection of essays, culled from the past 7 years of blogging.

That thought crossed my mind. But I am a Siegel, and as my family will attest, Siegels rarely take the easy route. And more often than not, we are rarely shown the easy route.

"Oh you want to visit the beautiful beaches of Cozumel. Here, rent these easy-to-drive mopeds and you will be there in un momento. Crashing? Nobody crashes a rented moped. Buenos dias amigo."

The book, is a collection of ALL-NEW (now I know why clients insist on saying that so often) short stories:

* about life in advertising

* about sex (if you've ever worked near the vicinity of Frank Gehry cardboard furniture you know there's always going to be rampant, illicit office sex)

* about death (if you've ever been saddled with a worthless, pea-brain client you've certainly entertained the notion about murder)

* about shitty food served in focus groups

* about the pernicious effects of alcohol consumption

* and finally, stories about revenge, reversal of fortune and redemption.

In other words, it's the feel good book of 2015.

I've been overwhelmed by the response so far. At this writing, the book is currently the 683rd most popular book on the Amazon book selling list.

Meaning, if this post results in one extra sale, we have a chance of surpassing:

Finally, and this is for housekeeping purposes. Some have asked whether there will be a Kindle version of Round Seventeen & 1/2? The answer is Yes.

As soon I figure out the html java script coding, I will confabulate the flik-flacks and pull the trigger on Kindle.

One final, final note, should you be inclined, feel free to leave a snarky, humorous review on the Amazon page. But you better bring your A-game, because I will bring mine.

Hell, that could be the beginning of my next book.

PS. One more big shout out to my friend Robert Prins for designing, redesigning, retweaking, and redesigning some more, the front cover. Robert took this assignment on like he takes every assignment on, with creativity, stamina, and 110% commitment. The folks at David and Goliath should be happy to have him.

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