Thursday, July 9, 2015

On the Go

When the children's were younger they used to enjoy marching in Independence's Independence Day Parade. Each year, they'd march with a different theme.

The first year, 2003, they were the Crazy Camping Kids. They wanted their banner to read Krazy Kamping Kids, but thankfully we dissuaded them of that notion.

One year they all brought their Razor Scooters and amazed the crowd with their amazing ability to balance on one leg.

One year they went as synchronized swimmers.

Another they went atop a float that my buddy Paul actually built.

And yet another year, with a little help from me, they marched as diplomatic ambassador's from Independence's Sister City of Kapaa in Hawaii. Of course, they don't actually have a Sister City but that didn't stop the locals from pondering imponderable…

"I didn't know we had a sister city in Kauai."

The kids are too old and consequently too cool for any damn parade nowadays. But that doesn't stop us from venturing into town and watching the Independencinians, who never cease to amaze.

Pictured above you'll find Rufus, probably his name, sitting on a toilet that is mounted to a go cart.

Not sure what this has to do with the colonists and their desire to break away from the motherland, but I'll just go with it.

This sparked an impromptu naming game. If you can top our list, feel free to add your suggestion in the comment section.

There is no prize, but all participants will be placed on the list of people I will never subject to any future public humiliation on this blog.

Commode on The Road

The PoopMobile

Briggs, Stratton & Gump

The Fast and the Curious


Peed Racer

Doo Buggy

Pre-Digested Meals on Wheels


Bob said...

Little Deuce Coupe.

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Ben Tom George said...

The Bucket Seat
The Heap

Jordan Chenard said...

Formula #2