Monday, June 8, 2015

Egads, I've been homaged.

Last month, blog traffic soared over 12,000 hits. Surpassing the previous record by a good 13.8%.

It wasn't because the writing was any funnier.
Or even funny.

It wasn't because I trotted out pictures of women with ample cleavage.
A trick I've used in the past.

And it certainly wasn't because I charted new ground.
I've been mining the same tired quarries for 6 years now.

It was because, hear me say it, Social Media.

You see my buddies at ADWEAK began linking posts in this blog in their daily twitter feed. Sending their substantially larger audience in the direction of Culver City, the pitbull-surrounded headquarters of RoundSeventeen, Inc.

They came in droves.

Favoriting and retweeting posts to other ad industry folks looking for a reason not to come up with ideas for a Year End Clearance Sale or a Two-For-One Taco Fiesta or a new anti-depressant from Pfizer, Shoveitall.

In appreciation, I wrote a post about ADWEAK and their expanding staff.

These anonymous folks are colleagues I've known for a long time. As evidenced by their twitter feed, they can out-think, out-write and out-art-direct 98% of anybody with a seat at the long table or the SuperDesk™.

They're also fellow freelancers who can take food off my family's diner table so I don't want to pimp them too much.

Besides, mutual admiration among ad people has a very short shelf life. Moreover, it's not a natural state of being and can often upset our collective homeostasis. More often than not, mutual admiration quickly degenerates into jabbing, ball-busting and thinly-veiled potshots.

Last week, for instance, in their newly formed Animation division, the has-been hacks at ADWEAK rolled out this little gem.

The bushy mustache, the conspicuous eyebrows, the absent hairline and the massive biceps, leave no doubt as to the identity of this "veteran" copywriter. Though I'm not fond of the Lumbersexual look and tend to shy away from plaid. But it's all good, because my skin is as thick as my inaccurately-drawn waistline.

Nevertheless, a clear shot has been fired across the bow.

So know this ADWEAK, it is on.

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