Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Capigal Punishment

Last week, there was a great deal of media buzz about the 100 year old Armenian genocide, where, it is alleged, more than 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by Turkey.

To this day, the government and clerics in Istanbul, deny the charges and refuse to take any responsibility for the mass murder.

Yeah, I don't know why anyone would believe that well-armed Muslim militants would willingly rape, butcher and slaughter non-Islamic tribal people who don't subscribe to their fairy tale. That kind of religious-based fanaticism is completely beyond the pale.

Crazy talk, right?

Shamefully, the Israeli government (populated by second generation Holocaust survivors) and our own US government, have been slow to recognize and condemn the Armenian genocide. In diplomatic terms, we don't want to offend our Muslim allies in the region.

I understand that.

But I also wonder when people in the Muslim world are going to start gauging their actions so as not to offend people in the Western World?

In other blood-boiling news, we are now in the punishment stage for Dhjokar Tsarnaev, the jihadist behind the Boston marathon bombing. In all probability he will not receive the death sentence. Nor should he.

For completely ungodly reasons, death in the cause of Islam (shaheed) is a great honor. And he should be denied that honor.

We should also heed the apologists (and there are many) who claim that Tsarneav's actions as well as other terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.


Let's buy into that theory. Let's treat the Tsarnaev's of this world as Un-Islamic. That means, no prayer rugs, no Qurans, no accommodations whatsoever to a religion that they, as the clerics and scholars will tell us, have no right to represent.

Accordingly, Tsarnaev and all future jihadists caught by US authorities, will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Where they will be placed on the all-swine diet. That will surely have the desired deterrent effect.

Or as Homer Simpson is fond of saying:

"Mmmm, bacon. Is there anything it can't do?"

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