Thursday, March 26, 2015

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You may recall a few days ago I put out the word that I was looking for my 100th follower on RoundSeventeen. It seemed to me that after 6 years of bludgeoning myself and my 96 faithful followers that I deserved to be in the esteemed triple digit club.

And unlike past reader participation events, you responded. Spiking my membership level all the way to 100.

I had promised to do a follow up post dedicated to the lucky reader who helped us cross that magical threshold. Today I am following through on that promise.

Because I have built an entire career based on integrity. Well, you know, as much integrity as a copywriter who deals with weasel words, misdirection and selling people shit they don't need, can possibly muster.

Sadly, does not tell me which new member put us over the mark, so I have chosen a member at random.

That's right, 81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA--, today is your lucky day.

Though I'm told otherwise, RoundSeventeen doesn't get a lot of exposure. People who come here are mostly friends, family and colleagues. And the occasional high school alumni who no doubt sees this blog and thinks:

"Wow, I thought Siegel was going to make something of himself. What a waste."

Not surprisingly, 81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA-- is one of those colleagues.

He and I came up through the ranks together.  I'll never forget when we both would write race win ads. Or small space newspaper ads. Or even participate in gang bangs -- that's industry nomenclature for those who might be wondering.

Sometimes I would prevail, other times I wouldn't.

Though good natured about it,  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA-- would never pass up an opportunity to rub it in.

"What did the Creative Director say? Oh yeah. Hey, good work Siegel but we're going with  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA--'s campaign. You could learn a lot from  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA-- and maybe spend less time playing pool and more time trying to come up with work as good as  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA--."

We went our separate ways.

And  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA-- met an art director in NY, LMH562/Q@%FYoqah89RT.

They hitched up and bought a condo in Yonkers of all places. The condo was in a part of town earmarked for redevelopment and the city paid  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA-- three times as much as the original sales price.

So  81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA-- and his wife LMH562/Q@%FYoqah89RT, got out of the ad business and opened up retail store, The Brisket Emporium, where you can purchase home cooked brisket. Bubby's, prepared in traditional Jewish style and perfect for High Holidays, Passover or even Shiva. And Bubba's, authentic Texas style brisket.

81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpAand his wife LMH562/Q@%FYoqah89RT are doing extremely well. They have two kids. I can't remember their names. And they're set to open another store.

I couldn't be happier for 81Z18QM91eoVWZ5YCv1Xliv133WCn_yBsZ7PpA.

Welcome to the R17 fold.

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