Thursday, January 8, 2015

Last stop in Louisiana

Sorry to indulge you in one more post about our Dixie trip but the truth is I need to refill my tank with venom before I can get back on the soapbox.

Also, by way of reminder, the two girls pictured above will both be in college this year so I will need to  increase my flow of revenue.

In other words book me now and book me often.

After our less-than-enjoyable visit to a slave plantation, we found ourselves just 30 minutes from Thibodeax, LA, where a little more than a dozen years ago we shot one of the scenes for Home Movie.

Though my oldest was feeling under the weather (mononucleosis) we decided to swing by Zam's Swamp Tour for a visit.

Glad we did.

Zam's was run by Wild Bill, who sadly passed away last year. But his wife and his sister remembered me and the great time we had shooting the film. She wrangled Wild Bill's nephew, Zee Zee, in the black hat and wife beater, to give us the tour of the grounds.

This is way out in the bayou and they don't get many visitors out there, so ZZ gave us the royal treatment.

We saw the houseboat, now docked along the shore, where Wild Bill once lived full time.

And the girls got to hold snakes, chickens and baby alligators. At one point ZZ climbed into a penned off area, grabbed a huge stick and started poking a 14-footer that seemed less alligator and more dinosaur.

I'm sure his taunting of this massive reptile did not comply with OSHA regulations. Then again, I'm not sure the last OSHA regulator to visit Zams was not pushed into the feeding pit.

As we left, Wild Bill's wife asked if I had an extra copy of Home Movie. I didn't, but I went on to order them one. It was a small price to pay for such a great experience.

I hope the Fedex guy can get in and out of there without being eaten.

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